SERVICES - Fiscal Advising - Individuals

Our Services for Individuals:

  • Integral Fiscal Advising for Residents and Non-Residents

  • Complete Service for Companies and for Self-Employed Persons.

  • Business Start-up advice and Management Consulting

  • Property Conveyancing in Spain

  • Planning Permissions

  • Preparation of Private Contracts and Notary Deeds

  • Change of the holder of water and electricity contracts

  • Handling of Notary matters, Declarations of Income and Wealth Taxes, Taxes on Inheritance and Donations, Town Hall Taxes and Duties, Taxes on Real Estate, Negotiations with the Public Administration and Offices, Town Hall Appeals

  • Translations


  • Declaration of Income Tax, ResidentsÂ’ declarations

  • Income Tax Returns

  • Prolongation and renewal of the Residence Card


  • Fiscal Representation in Spain and Advising

  • Application for NIEs (Tax Identification Number), Registration in Hacienda, Application for the Residence Card

  • Taxes including Inheritance, Capital Gains, bilingual Wills