SERVICES - Tax Advising - Companies

Right from the initial stage we will advice you about the legal and fiscal requirements for your business in Spain:

  • Registrations, Foundations, Business Licences, Contracts, Transfers, Purchase and Selling of Participations; Advice in Legal and Fiscal Requirements

  • Notary Deeds

  • CIF, company identification number, inscription in the commercial register

  • Business accounting requirements, Social Security System, Employment Office (INEM), Company Taxes, Tax Declarations, companies and self-employed, balance sheets, yearly accounting and legal approval of the books, employment contracts, contract design

  • Corporate Tax

  • VAT (Value added tax), Stamp Duty

  • Income Tax

  • Employment Regulations with the Local Government

  • Social Security Contributions

  • Retentions: Claming back withholdings

  • Intracommunitarian operations

  • Documentation

  • Control of Tax dead-lines

  • Double Taxation Relieves